Multimedia Presentations


A sound legal argument combined with Champion Legal’s custom graphic solutions build a more persuasive case than testimony alone. Just as your legal argument must be polished, your graphics presentation must also be up to par. Our refined trial presentations, 3D animation, diagrams, charts, and other presentation graphics can be vital to the desired outcome of a case. From pre-trial documents through the resolution of your case, Champion Legal offers unparalleled insight into your graphic and video presentation needs. 

When utilized correctly, our graphic presentations can assist juror comprehension of complex litigation, breaking down key points for educational and retention purposes. Each multimedia presentation is created in conjunction with your legal team to ensure that the end result accurately reflects case facts and expert testimony. 

Our Multimedia Platform Options Include:

  • Animation
  • Interactive Exhibits
  • PowerPoint
  • Keynote
  • Sanction
  • Trial Director
  • Courtroom Equipment Operators