Video Services


Champion Legal’s award-winning team of videographers and editors offer unparalleled insight about the merits of supporting your case with video components.  Utilizing the latest industry-standard digital and HD video hardware and software editing products, we can shoot, edit, convert or duplicate all of your video production projects. Our clients benefit from our experience when requiring accident reconstructions, reenactments, site inspections, settlement package documentaries, raw video compilations and mock trials or focus groups. You do not need to look any further than Champion Legal to satisfy all of your video production needs.

Our Video Service Options Include:

  • Video Deposition Coverage – Video coverage of depositions has become increasingly popular to create a lasting impression for the judge, jury and opposing counsel. 
  • Deposition Text and Video Synchronization – Digital video synchronized to the transcript allows legal professionals the ability to very quickly access, edit and present video deposition clips with little to no computer expertise.
  • Settlement Video Packages – To create a maximum impact to incite empathy from the judge, jurors and opposing counsel, settlement video packages include video testimony from doctors, friends, family, neighbors and witnesses detailing your client’s pain and suffering and how it affects day-to-day life. These testimonies are tied together with an overarching script, photos, 911 calls, music and graphics to create a lasting impression.  
  • Mock Trial/Focus Groups – To learn how a potential jury might react to certain testimony or evidence, our videography teams stage mock trials and focus groups and record reactions for you to review. 
  • Video Editing – Taking images from raw video recordings, we can create a cohesive piece complete with graphic images and background music. 
  • DVD Mastering – We digitize your DVD projects to prepare them for duplication. 
  • Cassette Tape to CD/MP3 Transfer – We digitize your cassette tapes to prepare them for transfer to either CD or MP3 formats. 
  • 20MP Digital Still Photography – Our staff photographer is available to take professional quality photographs of evidence, crime scenes, accident scenes and more as required by your case.